Make Money and Help Construction Pros Protect Themselves!

The construction industry is huge! In the US, there are more than 680,000 companies and 7 million employees, which create more than $1.3T in structures each year. It's a huge opportunity and growing rapidly.

Unfortunately, over $1B in tools and equipment is lost to theft each year. That's where we come in. PowerTool Safe helps businesses protect their tools. They can use our application to keep detailed lists of their tools, streamline the insurance process and get much lower rates (the difference in insurance rates is more than the cost of the software!), and easily fill out and track police reports if the worst case happens.

We've got a great affiliate program. We pay $0.25/per signup for a free account and a whopping $10/per paid account. Your cookie NEVER expires. You can use any keywords you like, except that you may not use our trademarks (PowerTool Safe, for example) or represent yourself as being anything other than an affiliate of PowerTool Safe Inc. Payment is via PayPal. Unfortunately, at this time we are only able to accept affiliates located in the United States. Other than that, it's no muss, no fuss. Just start bringing in the cash! Be sure to read the full affiliate agreement.

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