Prevent tool theft with the automatic tool tracking that helps everyone work together

Turn photos into full tool records, get complete tool tracking, give police and pawn shops the tools to trace your equipment directly back to you.

Tool & equipment theft costs builders $1.5 billion every year

Your job box or trailer is a tempting score. Being hit will set you back thousands in replacement costs and even more in lost time and productivity on site. Protect yourself with PowerTool Safe's online tool registery—the fastest way to organize, manage and protect your equiment like a pro.


in total annual equipment theft losses (including retail)


Less than 25% of equipment theft is recovered each year


Only 20% of contractors have records of their equipment

Pro Equipment Management Hacks

Cut the Crap

You don't have time for clunky systems that pull you away from running your team. That's why we created the fastest and easiest way to organize your equipment, avoid unnecessary delays, keep your guys on the job, and your income flowing.

Toughen Up

It doesn't take much to be the hardest target out there. When your equipment is registered we'll send you on-site protection signage to alert every would-be-thief you're not worth the trouble.

Juice the System

We're working hard to create the largest network of contractors, police and pawnshops so if you're hit, you have a clear path to stickin' it to the bad guys and recovering your equipment.

If you can use your phone, you can protect your gear

Grab Your Phone

Registering your first $10k of tools is completely free, so create an account and pull out your tools.

Take Pictures

It's as easy as snapping the brand, model and serial number. Our cataloging service completes your tool records for you.

Stick it to 'Em

If you're ever hit by crooks, you can instantly file police reports and insurance claims, share police reports with pawn shops, and search online for your stolen goods.

Tool Tracking Software
“I feel like I can leave my property where it needs to be and not lose sleep at night wondering if I’ll be a victim of theft again.”
— Aaron A., PowerTool Safe™ user
Tool Tracking User

Work hard.
Play hard.
Rest easy.

At PowerTool Safe we know your business fuels your life. In order to keep your jobs running smoothly, you need to learn the tricks of the business so you can keep your jobs on track and your income pipeline flowing. 

The problem is, there's not enough time in the day to do everything, especially because life is always calling. Worse, there's a constant threat that jobsite theft could upend everything and set you back thousands of dollars in replacement costs and lost productivity on site.

Designed by builders for builders, PowerTool Safe's inventory system is the easiest, fastest way to protect yourself from theft, organize your equipment, avoid unnecessary delays, and keep your guys on the job.

Stolen tools that were recovered

Become part of the solution


Perfect for if you’re just starting out or would like to try out our software with no strings attached.


Create up to 50 tool records
3 Storage Points
No credit card required



If you have more tools and toys than anyone else you know, this plan is for you.


Create Unlimited Tool Records
Create Unlimited Storage Points
Sort Tools By Storage Points
Create Lists of Tools By Storage Points

or $300/yr.

All Accounts Include:

  • Access to tool manuals, and replacement parts
  • Track Tool Warranties
  • Organize your tools with Tool Tracking and Tool Sorting
  • Access our tool Cataloging Service
  • Get Instant Theft Reporting
  • Organize all your Tool Receipts
  • Downloadable PDF reports
  • Customizable Reports
  • Instant Online Searching for Pawn Shops and Stolen Tools
  • Connection to the PTS network with Instant Notifications
“You walk in, you see a sticker, you’re like, ‘Oh, okay. There’s security here’. You just know that somebody’s watching. That’s huge.”
— Allan H., PowerTool Safe™ user

Pro Tool Safety Checklist

It's not about using the tools safely, it's about keeping them safe until you return to the site in the morning.

Download our free guide on Tool Safety today.

Tool Tracking Safety Checklist

Dude, You Rock

You’re on your way to protecting yourself from theft! Check your inbox to download your safety checklist.

Learn how Powertool Safe™ can protect you against theft and keep your income pipeline flowing.

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Tool Safety Checklist from Tool Tracking
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