Thieves aren't under self quarantine

If your tools are stolen, do you have serial numbers, pictures, and receipts to make sure they are recovered?

Protect Your Livelihood With Information:

  • • Serial Numbers and Pictures and Receipts
  • • Visual Theft Deterrence
  • • Cost Savings on Theft Insurance
  • • Improved Tool Tracking
  • • Improved Employee Accountability
  • • Loss and Theft Reporting
  • • Theft Report Information Sharing
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Tool Tracking and Tool Protection that's Absolutely Free!

Don't get caught up in a loss. Help us help you #stickittothebadguy

  • Know exactly what you have
  • Know exactly where it is
  • Hold your employees accountable
  • Save on theft insurance
  • Create Instant Theft Reports
  • Attach Police Report Information
  • Search for your stolen goods
  • Proof of purchases and warranties
  • Deter Thieves

Does jobsite theft cut into your bottom line?

If you’ve ever had a jobsite robbed, you know what kind of sting that can leave. The sad reality is, construction theft affects more than just builders and contractors. Law enforcement agencies and officers, insurance companies, and pawn shops are all part of the cycle.

We know. We’ve been there, that’s why we developed a “Whole-System” approach to offer you a program that’s bigger than just tool tracking. At PowerTool Safe, we are Tool Tracking WITH Protection offering you peace of mind and a Plan of Action that’s always ready when you need it most. With PowerTool Safe, don’t be another theft statistic. You need to be prepared and have the right tools to fight back. Can you afford any more losses during these uncertain times? Sign up today FOR FREE and see how quickly and easily you can set yourself up for success.

Tool Theft Affects Everyone!
• Contractors lose their livelihood
• Pawnshops lose by purchasing stolen tools
• Law Enforcement loses time spent tracking down thieves
• Insurance companies lose time processing claims
• Retailers lose time printing receipts for customers
PowerTool Safe Protects Everyone!
Basic Pro
Monthly price Free $20
Yearly price Free $200
Tools that can be registered Up to $10,000 Unlimited
Number of users 1 1
Police and Theft Reporting
Ambassador Service Available
Storage Point Tracking
Store Unlimited Photos of Tools
Listed Value Insurance Quotes
Automatically Notify Pawn Shops of Stolen Tools

A Service That Pays For Itself!

PowerToolSafe­™ pays for itself with the reports you need for substantial savings on Theft Insurance. Download Excel spreadsheets to get scheduled rates on Theft Insurance instead of paying the high cost of standard stated value policies. PTS sets you up for years of savings!

Jobsite trailer with 60 tools
Total tool and equipment value$22,400.00
Inland Marine stated value quote$621.25
Inland Marine scheduled rate quote using PTS reporting$224.00
Total Savings$397.25
PTS Ambassador registration (OPTIONAL)$170.00
Minimum cost for 1 year subscription$200.00
First year net savings$27.25
Subsequent year savings$197.25

Designed for both Builders and Individuals

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Have a PTS Ambassador Come Do the Work for You!

Don't have the time to spend cataloging your tools? We've got a program for that! Our Ambassador program matches local independent construction contractors to companies that need help getting their tools recorded.

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With PowerTool Safe, you can:


Simply take a photo of your tool, enter in the serial number, description, receipt if available, then add it to your toolbox.


Get instant alerts if ANYONE tries to search, sell, or register your tools.


Get instant alerts if ANYONE tries to search, sell, or register your tools.


Get instant alerts if ANYONE tries to search, sell, or register your tools.

Stolen Tool Stats

Experience Theft Annually
Average Tool Recovery
Stolen Tools 5+ Years or Newer

Don't get caught in a loss.

Now more than ever, you need to protect your assets. Let us help you #stickittothebadguy

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